Monday, August 23, 2010

Wish Upon A Star

Do you make a wish when you see a shooting star? We were sitting out on the patio last week, and I saw three meteors blaze across the sky. The second was glorious. I was at just the right angle and I couldn’t contain myself! I clapped and cheered so loudly that I got shushed. It WAS almost midnight; but seriously, our neighbors are not that close. I can’t imagine I disturbed anyone! It took me a minute to get over my shushing.

Then I realized as amazing and brilliant as that star was, the whole thing was over in the blink of an eye. As hard as it is to grasp at times - that is how my life is in the scope of eternity. (Click to Tweet) The Bible calls it a vapor. I want to shine brightly in this one opportunity I get to live.

I saw three falling stars so that gives me three wishes, right? I’d like to bargain for a few more…..

These are my wishes for any star-gazer who might happen to see my life:

-I hope that they know there is something beyond their day to day existence, there is a great big world, and a great big Creator of it all.
-I hope that they see some of His beauty in me.
-I hope my life points people to God, that He is glorified.
-I hope people can learn from my lessons learned.
-I hope I share the journey well.
-I hope they make their own wishes.
-I hope to inspire ideas, creativity and dreams.
-I hope they don’t compare their own brief moment with any other.
-I hope they know, in the infinite expanse of space and time there is plenty of room for us all to shine.
-I hope that as my light shines, there is less darkness in their world.
-I hope that my life would bring a smile to someone’s face and a little joy to their heart.
-And I hope that if they cheer, no one shushes them!
Special thanks to for use of your spectacular photograph!


DavidC said...

who the heck would be shushing you? Oh wait, you're talking about me. Shush! Love you like crazy though.

Ruth said...

Lynn, I see so much of God's beauty in you so that's a check as are the following-
You inspire me, check, and I agree there is enough room in this earth for all of our talents to shine, you do create a glowing atmosphere when you are around as you exude kindness, peace and gentleness in massive amounts,your light most certainly shines and there have been many, many times you have brought joy to my heart and a smile to my face. I know this is probably not the response you were looking for because I know how humble you are and how aware you are of your own weaknesses but you are one of the NICEST, KINDEST and MOST GENUINE people I know and I just feel like telling you that in public.
Beautiful blog as sssshhhhhh.

DavidC said...

Wow Ruth! I know that is about my bride but that blesses me so much. Hmm, I wonder if that' how Jesus feels when we treat his bride like that... Just thought of that.