Friday, September 12, 2008

Love is Blind

This summer I attended the 30th anniversary all-school reunion of the little Christian school I graduated from in Bismarck, North Dakota way back in 1987. It was fun to see familiar faces, especially those of a few precious teachers.

My history teacher Grael Gannon is actually a student now himself. He is attending grad school with plans for a doctorate. How inspiring is that?

My English teacher Donna Kennedy, who along with Mr Gannon was one of the founding members of the school, handed out copies of the reading list they argued over in the years that this vision was birthed. I will treasure that list! I really had no idea that just one year before the school opened its doors another start up school had been shut down and people arrested. I was a part of something ground-breaking and never knew it!

It was such an honor to visit with Mrs Kennedy again. I told her how I never forgot the book she assigned to me one year and that David bought me a vintage copy off ebay. The book is called The Little Minister and it is long out of print. It was written by J.M Barrie, known more for his other little story, Peter Pan. I quoted from the book to Mrs Kennedy one of my most treasured thoughts:

Love, it is said, is blind, but love is not blind. It is an extra eye, which shows us what is most worthy of regard. To see the best is to see most clearly, and it is the lover's privilege.

Those teachers at Shiloh Christian School saw the best in me, they loved me well. Oh, that reminds me of Mr Chapman, my precious science teacher, he warmed up my cold fingers out in the portables with his hands and his heart. His passing left a tangible gap at the reunion. I am grateful for those years. For the sheltering, for the sacrifice of my parents who paid taxes for public education AND added to that my private tuition. Thank you all!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fallen from Grace

Recently, there was another Christian failure in the headlines. It always grieves my heart so when this happens. This one was particularly hard because it involved a beautiful song, that chances are, is much less likely to be sung in light of this unfolding story. You see, the song-writer sold the song along with a story that was a lie. The song itself is wonderful, full of truth and hope and faith! I love it and I always felt like God was moving when we sang it! I'm not sure what our worship team has in mind but it will be very sad to see it fall from rotation.

My husband's recent post What about Grace? speaks to this situation in a profound way.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Top 10 Reasons

...why I'm GLAD that school is back in session:
10. I enjoy having a routine.
9. My children are learning...that thrills my heart.
8. It is so much easier to manage my part-time job.
7. We limit technology time during the school year so there is less television and less gaming.
6. I am better at planning and cooking meals for my family.
5. I feel more productive when we all get up and start our day early.
4. We are better about enforcing bedtime.
3. I am more likely to have coffee with a girlfriend.
2. My youngest son has to read aloud to us every day for homework, and he is very entertaining.

And the the number one reason why I'm glad school is back in session:
1. I get to spend Monday mornings alone with my husband - Hooray!

....why I'm SAD and/or MAD that school is back in session:
10. I have to get up early every day and I am not a morning person.
9. We drive 20 minutes in rush hour traffic to get to school.
8. The school parking lot is a nightmare.
7. I don't enjoy being the homework enforcer.
6. It's amazing how the boys appetite increases and they are constantly foraging!
5. No fun vacations during the school year.
4. The school parking lot is even worse at pick up time.
3. The boys don't know what to do with themselves without television and gaming and they usually don't appreciate the other options I suggest.
2. Did I mention how absolutely horrible the parking lot is?

And the number 1 reason why I'm sad school is back in session:
1. I just miss my boys!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

He's Still My Baby

I went to a baby shower this weekend and it was so lovely. The mother-to-be was radiant. It was hard not to stare at her sweet belly, full of life. For a moment, it all seemed so surreal. I feel like it was yesterday that I was the guest of honor at a baby shower and yet now, my boys are huge. And it's been a long time since I was gushing over a onesie.

Our home doesn't look like a day care any more, but I remember when it did. I also remember those silly older women who said things like "Don't close your eyes, before you know it they are heading off to kindergarten." I would smile at them and think, all I want right now is to close my eyes for one full night of sleep! Ha! Sadly I've realized, I AM one of those silly older women. I can't believe it. When did this happen to me? It's hard to explain, but I have this compelling urge to tell every new mother I see: "Hold that baby close to your chest....let them fall asleep in your arms....and don't close your eyes, because before you know'll be on the sidelines watching football practice! AHHHHH!"

Just last week my dear youngest son asked for a special bedtime: a mug of warm milk, a story and a lullaby. I'll admit it's a little strange singing a lullaby to this big ol' boy but as long as he keeps asking, I'm more than happy to keep singing. His 7 lbs 2 oz sure didn't last for long! Now, he weighs 60 lbs. When I hold him, my arms fall asleep before he does; but in my heart, he'll always be my baby.