Monday, November 15, 2010

Does Your Christmas Fit?

I recently wrote an article for our Shoreline Enewsletter called Does Your Christmas Fit?

Have you ever received a gift that didn't fit? Maybe a sweater that was too small. You could get it on, but you couldn't breath. Maybe a jacket that was too big and it swallowed you whole, like Jonah in the whale. I realized a couple years ago that Christmas as usual didn't fit. It was uncomfortable and something needed to change........ Click here and scroll down to read the whole article.

A wrote a similar piece for the November issue of Austin Faith and Family, a local community magazine. You can pick one up at the Shoreline Coffee Shop, Randalls, HEB and other locations around town. Click here to read the online version. There are three dots under the magazine, click the middle dot and look for pages 32-33. The article is titled Presents with a Purpose, it is a black page with white text. You can click on the page to zoom in, and it is easier to read.

If you have time to read both...please vote in the comments which piece you prefer. I'm curious!


Gina said...

Thanks for your article. I attended Imago Dei Community in Portland until last year. Their Advent Conspiracy is a wonder to behold, and many churches have joined forces to help.

They give about 1/2 the total to Living Water, which digs wells in villages all over the world, providing the people with their first clean water. The other 1/2 goes to local projects to enrich the city and be Christ's hands and feet.

Blessings! Gina Shipp

Lynn Marie Cherry said...

We support Living Water - they are out of TEXAS! Gotta love that! Thank you for reading and sharing Gina!