Monday, March 19, 2012

Why I Love The Wind

Whenever I go for a walk in the neighborhood, I am reminded why I love the wind. I walk away from our home for a mile or so. Its wonderful to get out of the house and away from all these things - into the living world. Everything is green and full of life. When I turn around to come back home, the wind washes across my face and wakes me up to life.

The wind reminds me that I am alive. I feel the touch of the wind on my skin. I breathe in the fragrances of Spring - fresh cut grass, blooming crepe myrtle, dark rich earth. I hear the wind whisking through young leaves. I see tall Texas weeds bending in the breeze. I am Alive.

When I feel the wind on my face I am reminded that I am not alone. It's like a kiss from God brushing across my cheeks saying "I Am here with you. Though you may not see me, I want you to feel my presence." I know God is in the wind. I am never alone.

My hair is frizzing out in the humid morning air, flying freely away from my face and I am so glad to be moving, so glad to be free. The wind stirs up this gratitude. I know what its like to be stuck, to be stationary. Moving forward is much better.

I could not live where there was no wind.

He walks upon the wings of the wind;
He makes the winds His messengers...Psalm 104


DavidC said...

Awesome! You are my favorite writer! Such a gift Lynn Marie.

Lynn Marie Cherry said...

Thank you for reading My Love!

Lynn Marie Cherry said...
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