Friday, November 1, 2013

Teleportation, Potatoes and Doing Our Part

 Do you ever giggle when you read the Bible? Lately I've run across some stories that made me smile, like the one about the guys who had their beards shaven and their robes cut off in the middle at the buttocks. I'm sure that was humiliating for them, but my brain merged Duck Dynasty with the hospital gown scene from Something's Gotta Give and I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

I cracked up when I read Acts 12. Peter was in prison. Everyone was praying and much to their surprise God answered with an angelic visitation. Personally, I think angels like the fact that human beings freak out when they show up.  Verse 7 says the angel "struck" Peter on the side to wake him. Boom! What a rude awakening. I had to laugh when I compared that to how I wake up our boys in the morning. Had it been me, I would have tip toed in, gently tapped Peter on the shoulder and whispered, "Good morning Sweetie, I'm here to rescue you."

What fascinates me about this story is that in spite of obvious supernatural intervention the angel doesn't teleport Peter to freedom. Beam me up Scottie! The angel doesn't wave a magic wand, sing a Cinderella song and suddenly Peter is clothed. The angel doesn't throw Peter over his shoulder and carry him out of prison like a sack of potatoes, although I’m sure he could have. 

No, there was action required of Peter in his release from bondage.

Peter had to get up, put on his clothes and shoes, wrap up in his cloak and walk.   

Peter had to DO something!

Nothing the angel asked Peter to do was very difficult. "Get up, put your sandals on and follow me." No problem. Totally within reason.

Sometimes I sit around on my fully-covered buttocks wondering when my life will change. Wishing things would be better. But I've learned that if I want freedom from the things that hold me back, I have to DO something! (Click to Tweet)

I do what is within my power to do and trust God to do what only he can. It's an amazing partnership, with God doing the heavy lifting.

Do your part! Get up, put your shoes on and simply take one step forward today.

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