Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Voice of Truth

In those moments when panic overtakes you and your world seems scattered what voice do you hear?

An interesting thing happened last Spring at Inks Lake. We were enjoying a canoe ride, peacefully gliding across the clear, cool water. Our calm was interrupted when we heard some kids around the bend. We had seen them earlier that day with their bathtub shaped paddle boats. Now, both were overturned. There were shoes and bags scattered all over the surface. The four kids were panicked, shivering in the water and calling out for help. We rowed our canoe over, rescued a floating bag, asked the kids if they were OK and were trying to decide how to best help them when a voice thundered from the shore.

It was somebody's mom.

We came with compassion and concern but this mom, well, she knew her kid and there was very little compassion in her tone. She yelled "What are you doing? Get your butt over here! Swim for goodness sake!" It was quite comical. Exasperated she shouted "You're on the swim team for crying out loud!" I'll never forget the look on one boy's face when she said that, it was like truth broke through the panic and he turned and began to swim for the shore.

I honestly believe that he had forgotten about his skills as a swimmer, all he could see was the mess, the overturned boat and the floating debris. He was overwelmed - until he heard the voice of truth. So just in case you are bobbing up and down in the sea of life, bewildered and confused hear these truths today:
  • You are loved by God and His compassions never fail.

  • He is FOR you and promised to always be WITH you!

  • You are never alone.

  • God is faithful and forgiving.

  • He is slow to anger and rich in mercy.

  • He is the Good Shepherd who cares about each individual lamb, which means YOU.

  • You are never an interruption to Him.

  • No mess is too much for God.

  • He is Healer, Restorer, Savior and Redeemer.

  • His peace will calm your anxious heart and mind

  • There is always HOPE in Jesus Christ!
What truths have broken through in your times of crisis? I'd love to hear them!


DavidC said...

Brilliant! Simply brilliant my love. Great timeless message.

Doris said...

Holy cow...I totally agree with David...OUTSTANDING message! Right here, right now...I'm in a mess of fighting and anger and feelings of hatred in my heart, and your message...THIS message...just spoke to me and said "swim for heaven's sake"! Why am I sitting here drowning in self-pity and sinful behavior, when I know better?! Because my "boat" has capsized and I've allowed my circumstances to overwhelm me and drown out God's calming voice. Ordinarily I would feel shameful about that, but I realize that with a true, repentant heart, there is no need for that shame. He loves me and He's been waiting for me to snap out of it! Thank you you girl!

Anonymous said...

LoL!...LOL some more! Every act of obedience is the voice of truth telling me a different story. Awesome! :)