Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Just Blew In...

Really, it did. Wednesday morning we were in the park enjoying the warm sun. Wednesday evening as we left for church it was a completely different day. Cool. Brisk. Breezy!

The effect on my children is fascinating. It's like they have been awakened out of the oppressive heat of a summer dream. They are sprightly! Of course, this doesn't seem to lend itself to first time obedience. It is almost like they don't even hear me - they are so lively! Making up new words to songs they know. Playing silly games with each other. They are cracking me up!

This morning on our way to school. I said out loud "Is this my exit?" My oldest answered "Yes, unless you want to take us to Florida!" And off they went on a virtual trip. Visiting old friends, seeing the sights. When I suggested we couldn't just take off to Florida without Daddy, they rationalized that he could fly there and we'd meet him at the airport. Whoa...if one parent is driving and one parent is about we let MOMMY take the flight!

I was trying to initiate a conversation about what we'd like to DO for the holiday season. (Re-directing the "what we WANT" question) I had lots of great ideas: Burnet Bethlehem village, Zilker park, horse-drawn carriage rides.... They didn't bite. You won't believe what they came up with. I'm still shaking my head. They want some foster children. Foster children for Christmas. Where on earth did that come from?

I'm all about connecting relationally at the holidays BUT sadly, I'm not sure my heart is big enough to connect in this way. The cooler weather seems to have enlarged their hearts to a life wide open. I feel like the Grinch.

Can I even pose the question...."God, could you be asking this of us, is this You speaking through my children?" I just don't know.....but Lord, do blow that cool awakening breeze over me! Wisk away the fear that keeps the limits on my life. Rouse me to possiblity.

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Anonymous said...

You certainly have a gift when it comes to the written (and spoken) :) word! I love you! Cindy