Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Like a Lamb

This morning while my youngest son and I were driving to school, I asked him to teach me one of his favorite songs from the up-coming Children's Christmas Drama. He sang it so tenderly it brought tears to my eyes:

You are the Shepherd, I am the sheep
So I will follow, wherever you lead
Jesus I come to you just as I am
Bowing before you just like a lamb

It is a sweet song of surrender. Of acceptance....just as I am. This boy loves the story of Jesus leaving the 99 to seek out that one little lost lamb. Something in him connects with the idea in a tangible way. Maybe because he's the youngest, he probably feels little...or even lost at times in his big brother's world. I can see that. How precious that he knows Jesus sees the value in "little" and "lost". He is a Good Shepherd!

It was a lovely moment. Exhale....

Then...he said, "Mom, sometimes I sing a different version, would you like to hear it?"


Hmmm... the 80's rock 'n' roll screamer re-mix is certainly interesting, but not quite as moving!

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