Friday, November 21, 2008

Be All Boy - A poem I wrote for my little risk-taker

My wish for you is a life of adventure
Passionate longing
Great achievement
So how can I keep holding on?
In my arms you are safe but today I’m letting go

Live, breathe deeply
Love, enjoy
Jump, climb, swing
Do what you do so well, be all boy!

I see a young man standing tall above the crowd
Wise with knowledge and experience
And yes, bearing a few scars
I might have saved you but I let you fly

Live breathe deeply
Love, learn
Jump, climb, swing
I give you wings

There is pain in letting go
But joy in knowing you’ll grow
To be the man God calls you to be
And one day, perhaps you’ll fly back to me and say

Live, breathe deeply
Love, soar
Thank you mom for these
I love my wings


DavidC said...

I remember that, it still makes me cry.

Lynn said...

spreading antibiotic cream on his latest boo boo which sits just to the side of an old scar reminded me...dear boy!