Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Reflections

For the past several years I've handed out a small slip of paper to each member of our Thanksgiving gathering and asked them to write a brief note of what they are thankful for. A few years ago I put all the pages together. I love this album. I thought I'd go back and reflect today on my thoughts over the years:

1999 I'm thankful to have a house-full of family and I'm so grateful to be expecting a new member of ours. (We revealed to our family at Thanksgiving that we were pregnant again)

2000 I'm thankful for my precious boys and that they are strong and healthy. I'm thankful for the nights that they allow me to sleep! I'm so thankful for my husband and that he loves his job AND that he is so crazy about me.

2001 I'm thankful for my precious family - we are so blesssed. I'm thankful for President Bush and for freedom and for this awesome country. I'm thankful for good friends, for Shoreline and for being able to sing again! (Patriotism was a theme for many of this year on the heels of 9-11)

2002 I am thankful for my precious family we are so blessed, I am overwhelmed. I am thankful to be a part of Shoreline praise and worship it gives life to me to lead people into Jesus' presence.

2003 I am so thankful for my cool hip husband and for my amazing boys who keep life exciting! I am thankful for creativity and my fun hobbies! I am also blessed to have the opportunity to sing and lead worship at Shoreline.

2004 I'm thankful for angels - Whew! for Baby Kashmark for just the right job with great people! For God's love, for my amazing helpful husband and for two boys who sing along! (This year the boys knocked down the living room ceiling fan with a football...there was glass EVERYWHERE but neither of them had even the tiniest scratch..I know there was divine intervention involved! My sister had just found out that she was pregnant, sadly Baby Aidan was stillborn several months later, it was a tremendous loss.)

2005 I'm thankful for new friends Rick and Leslie. For life, breath and new dreams. For my precious family and that we all love to worship. I'm thankful for the Lord's tenderness and comfort. (This was a hard year, but God brought some incredible people into our lives to help us on the journey)

2006 I'm thankful for music - for the way a song can lift my spirits or carry me through a tough day! I'm thankful for my marriage, for our great conversations , for my two awesome boys who bring so much joy to my life. I'm thankful for Kaitlyn and the joy she brings. (Of course, I am thankful for all my neices and nephews...but just a few days before Thanksgiving, God blessed my sister and her husband with this bundle of out of the ashes of loss.)

2007 I am thankful for the Shine conference and how God has used it in my life. Having the opportunity to share this year felt like coming full circle. I am in awe of the moon - the earth needs it - tides and all - but we didn't need it to be so beautiful. I'm so blessed by my 3 great guys!

2008 I am thankful for the love and grace of God, for the completed work of the Cross. I treasure all the wonderful memories I have of little boys growing up in this house. I'm so glad they still want us to snuggle every night! I'm grateful for a husband who never stops learning, for the books and podcasts he brings into our home. I'm learning to appreciate his love for change. I'm thankful to have passion for a cause, and that this holiday season we will Worship fully, Spend less, Give more, and Love all.

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DavidC said...

I love it. It is interesting that where we were in our lives is so reflected in what you are thankful for, I guess that is a big - DUH! I really liked your added comments too. You are amazing.