Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cause You Came Near

We sang this song For All You've Done at Shoreline East on Saturday. While we were singing it, I realized that although it may sound like a song for the Easter season "you rose again on high" it's actually a great Christmas song :)

With these two lines in particular:
Cause You came near, from the everlasting
To the world we live, the Father's only Son

Jesus came NEAR. He left behind his deity, his everlasting, and came near. He became one of us and came to the world we live in. God with us. Emmanuel. No other god has done that.

We've been thinking a lot about all that Jesus gave when he came as a baby to the earth. Advent Conspiracy is changing how we view this holiday season. Thinking of the way that Jesus gave and wondering how we can follow his example in our giving. Jesus gave himself. He gave relationally. So, how can I give relationally? How can I give a gift that says...I know you? We share a connection. We share a passion for justice, making things right in this world. Or what can I give that will last more than just one season? What can I create with my own hands? I'm not sure how I'll do this year. But I hope that as time goes by I'll get better at this kind of giving. On Saturday I'll be hosting a relational giving idea fair at my local church. We are hoping to spark creativity and provide hands-on demonstrations for gifts that connect people. Maybe I'll learn something :)

Worship fully, Spend less, Give more and Love all.

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