Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Something More

We shared a special moment as a family on our summer vacation. It was a somber moment but it was good. We visited the grave of my nephew Aidan Kashmark. We never got a chance to know Aidan, he was still born. This loss is probably the nearest to my heart. The most painful loss our extended family has had to face. My beautiful sister is the hero in this chapter of our story. Like the Proverbs 31:15 woman - she rose up in the darkest of darkness. She rose up with courage and stepped right into this chasm of pain. She attends a support group and has walked this road with many other families. All of them shouldering the weight of their mutual losses together. She still laughs, thanks to her wonderful husband who is always looking for new ways to make her laugh! She still cries. The unanswered questions of life have a way of making us hard...but her heart is soft. I'm so inspired by her. It is important to me that I remember Aidan, that we remember him. Death is a part of life. His death is a part of our lives. There is pain in remembering, but strangely there is also hope. This life on earth with all its darkness and suffering is not all there is. There is something more....Aidan lives in MORE.

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DavidC said...

Lynn, that is beautiful. Well written, heart felt and moving. I am so glad I get to be part of that family. You love well.