Thursday, August 21, 2008

Am I Lutheran?

I was born Catholic. Invited Jesus into my heart during the Charismatic Renewal. Grew up in the Word of Faith movement. Went to Christian school in a Baptist church. Graduated from a Spirit-filled univerisity and now I think I might be Lutheran. How is this possible? Ask my Pastor! Last year he taught a series called Sola Gratia. Ever since then there is an undercurrent of this amazing grace in every service.

I knew about Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to the doors of the church. I knew about his revolutionary views on justification by faith. But I hadn't yet heard about the 5 solas of the reformation:

Sola scriptura; Sola fide; Sola gratia; Solo Christo; Soli Deo gloria
or for those of us who prefer English:
By scripture alone, by faith alone, by grace alone, Christ alone, glory to God alone.

Did you notice that there is no room for me in the solas? Oooooo Sola Me-o! No - there is no Sola Lynn. Sola my strength. Sola my commitment. Sola my own goodness. Thank goodness! I mean, really? Isn't that really Good News?

The gospel of grace means I don't get what I really deserve AND I do get what I don't at all deserve. Un-deserved favor. Grace settles my striving. It takes me off the treadmill of performance. Ultimately, the good news of grace is the truth that brings freedom and rest to my soul.

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DavidC said...

That is really refreshing!