Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We are about half way through our Lent experience.

We ate our 3rd beans-and-rice meal last night and....I still don't like beans. Yesterday morning I was tossing the pintos in the crock pot and honestly I almost cried thinking about having to eat them for dinner. "Why are we doing this? Someone remind me!" Did I just say that out loud?


Wouldn't you know, my dear boy had an answer "So we can focus more on God instead of earthly things." Gulp....long pause....say that again honey.....

"So we can focus more on God instead of earthly things, like our stuff, you know..."

Thank you son for reminding your mother of why she thought this would be a good idea. How sobering that my 9 year old remembered what my taste buds forgot. I can't decide if I should feel like a crummy parent or a good one.

I would like to take credit...but I know...he is a gift.

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