Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Today, Pastor Rob's message was on the importance of living an example for our children. They may hear our instructions but are often more impacted by what they see in our lives. He shared several verses that communicate this idea of hearing AND seeing. Like Acts 4:20 "For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard."

While I was listening, I thought of a few of the things I see in my husband's life:

Every time David mows our grass, he also mows our elderly neighbor's yard.
He loves to grill, and frequently the fajitas he is cooking up are a meal we deliver to another family in need.
David often adjusts his work schedule to be with the boys at school parties and field trips.
He rarely misses one of their games and is often on the sideline with video camera in hand.
Every night he snuggles with each boy and ends their day in prayer.
We have wild wrestling matches in the living room and when they were cowboys, Daddy was the livestock. He endured lots of carpet burned knees in those years!
David is a committed employee and very timely, he is never late unless he was waiting on us!
He serves the Austin community as we host events at Shoreline.
He takes the time to visit with and value our guests a Shoreline East.
He leads his volunteer staff with excellence and inspires people to embrace the responsibility and joy of serving.
He makes hospital visits and brings comfort and hope.
He is such a help at home, he changed lots of diapers, folds loads of laundry, washes dishes, grocery shops and even vacuums; which is a lot more fun with the new Kenmore that he researched and picked out!
He listens to books and podcasts on his ipod and loves learning.
He leads a small group in our home.
He visits other churches to help them with their technical systems and gives generously of his knowledge.
He cries least once a week when we all watch Extreme Home Makeover.
He knows how to really cut loose and have some fun!
He rose up with courage to slay a giant in his life and find freedom and lives with a passion to share that freedom with others.

This is their legacy. It's beautiful and growing more beautiful with each year. Our boys are blessed to hear lots of encouraging words. If they ever see something that doesn't line up with what they hear....they hear an apology. I am grateful for what they hear but even more grateful for what I see. I trust our boys see it too!

Happy Father's Day Honey! You are a great Daddy!

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DavidC said...

Wow, I would love to meet that guy. He sounds amazing. Lynn, you of course made me cry. What an entry to cherish. thank you for only pointing out the good things, hopefully no one is making note of all the screw ups. I love you dearly, and your entry only inspires me to live a better life.