Sunday, June 8, 2008

Clean Socks

Pastor Rob shared a beautiful message today on relationship. The main idea being that this Christian life is all about a love relationship with Jesus. We are always trying to dumb it down to a check list or formula. And when our current formula doesn't seem bring the pay off we are hungry for, we look for the next big thing.

One point that stayed with me is the idea that Jesus is not looking for a maid, he is looking for a bride. Truthfully, I feel better about myself as a wife and mother when my house is clean, dinner was made from scratch and everybody has clean socks. And I feel better about myself as a Christian when I'm reading my Bible, hosting a small group and scheduling worship time without an audience. All of that is good, it's GREAT...we all need clean socks! But.....I really don't want to be a maid. What my family wants, what Jesus longs for, and what I need is to live with passion. To engage my heart. Clean socks are nice....but a good toe-tickling is even better!


David said...

I like clean socks!

Sometimes I just want to do nothing with the ones I love,just hang out together. I think so often we are going to God with a list of wants or needs, when I think He would just like to "snuggle" a little bit.

Lynn said...

I'm so glad I married you!

Ruth Beck said...

You guys rock my world. Lynn, I am so glad you are doing this. You are on my favorite websites list!!!
I need my toes tickled!

Mike Collins said...

Brennan Manning (author of A Raggamuffin Gospel) says that many of us protestants have a hard time with this aspect of G-d's character. Perhaps it is because we still have leftovers of the "hellfire and brimstone" preaching of the great revivals or some other reason. I'm right there with you on the maid bride thing. Although I'm not a wife, I still identified with your post. cheers.

DavidC said...

hey mom great blog entry, do you blame me for the dirty socks?