Friday, December 5, 2008

Relational Gift Fair 2008 - Ideas for Couples

Steamy love poems – print and make a special book

Your own personal paraphrase of Song of Solomon – what is it you adore about your loved one?

Gift box alluding to a future themed date night
-mittens & scarf – for a downtown carriage ride
-new outfit – for a night on the town
-vintage travel bag – with plans for an overnight stay

Tickets to an event they would enjoy

Couples devotional book to read together

Frame a special certificate or diploma

The chick-flick DVD she would love with a promise to watch the whole movie

Sofa-snuggle coupon for the big game. No multi-tasking!

A years worth of love notes: one for each month or one for each week
could be placed in a deco-page box or covered tin

Date night compilation CD of your favorite music – Print your own CD label

Restore or enlarge an important picture

Two Journals: you each write in one for two months various things you see in each other, steps of growth they are taking, outstanding qualities, blind spots, things you adore….at the end of two months switch

Picnic basket– plan a picnic together even if it’s inside – check out World Market to fill your basket with unique treats

Locally made BBQ sauce, grilling tools, plans to invite new friends over for dinner

Pancake mix with real maple syrup and a breakfast in bed coupon

Basket of kitchen gadgets: decide you’ll spend more time cooking and creating together

Colorful post-it notes in each stocking; leave love notes in unexpected places

An invitation for a hike in a near-by state park

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