Friday, December 5, 2008

Relational Gift Fair 2008 - Web Links Advent Conspiracy…this is where it all started for us
This site is like a centralized charity finder where you can check the efficiency and expenses break down for charities when choosing where to give. Visit World Vision’s online gift catalog for tangible gifts – 2 chickens for $25, a goat for $75 Heifer International online gift catalog Give a heifer for $500 other farm animals available as well
Charity Water – Give a $20 bottle of charity: water to a friend or loved one, and provide clean water to a person you've never met for 20 years. 100%* goes to water and sanitation projects on the ground. Ships within 7 days only to U.S. and Canada +$6 s&h. donations for animal lovers Order Fair trade gifts that help families across the globe - lots of yummy treats and fruit of the month club a great gift for the older generation Who wouldn’t love a fresh new flower bouquet every month for a year? - buy a garden flag stand and seasonal flags for the whole year A great resource to find ideas/share ideas Check out the “alternatives” tab A Do-It-Yourself Christmas: 34 Great Gifts You Can Make Yourself. This article includes 34 great ideas with links for further instruction. amazing resource for goodies you can make and give Check out the Containers Store for great ideas for packaging your handmade gifts - create unique gifts with your own photos - create unique gifts with your own photos – create unique gifts with your own photos For those who sew Full of free patterns for those who crochet
Blog full of ideas and comments on the season Parents magazine clip with adorable child friendly ornaments From her 2008 magazine thrifty ideas From a recent show we are displaying the treasure box of childhood memories Melissa Smith’s website –she donated our Make and Take project for today beading, card making, ornaments, wreaths, gift tags, stockings, just to name a few variety of Christmas crafts kids can make--paper crafts, no sew, felt, etc.. I have used this site for 10 years! This is "The Better Homes and Gardens site. Everything from painted picture frames, low-cost crafts, crafting a mini holiday village, snow globes, garden gifts Crafts Kaboose has every odds and ends crafts you can think of..From very simple, to more advanced. Very fun! This is a great site that gets the kids involved in crafting for gifts. They have it divided up by age groups. - never go without your on-line coupon! - gather newspaper insert coupons, also check out your local store for workshops focus on the family has a great collection of books and media - Books are incredible gifts, buy two and meet again to share your thoughts - great resource for aprons, foam art, etc - look for mail out coupons

Of course - don't forget our own Shoreline bookstore - where proceeds from your purchase fund the Imagine Children's center campaign.


Blissful Nikki said...

Hey Lynn! This is Nikki, I met you this morning at the Gift Fair. I just wanted to say thank you so much for hosting this today, I had a great time!!

I wanted to send you over to my blog, so if you click my name from this comment, if should take you to my blog, project domestic bliss. I also have my "secret" blog which has all of my gift ideas so far, it is

I hope we get to stay in touch!! :) Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn! Just wanted to let you know the gift fair was great and I'm already anticipating putting some great things together for next year (YIKES!).

I enjoy reading your blog, and I enjoy listening to you sing at church. You are a really great person...someone I might like to be a little bit like when I "grow up".

Hope you're having a blessed day.

Doris Marler

Doris said...

Hey again, Lynn!

Just wanted to drop a line real quick since I created my own blog page, so if you want to keep in touch you know how to get ahold of me.

Have a nice evening!