Friday, December 5, 2008

Relational Gift Fair 2008 - Ideas for Parents/Grandparents

Re-write your favorite children’s story with your own family as the main characters

Frame a child’s artwork

Cement Garden stones

Frame a picture of a child or grandchild and let them decorate a matte for the picture or embellish the frame

Handprint/Footprint kits

Check out all the wonderful kits available at hobby stores

Photo Collage – Shutterfly

Scrapbook/Photo Calendar

Heart-felt thank you letter

Brag book with pictures and notes from the children

Give presence – plan a visit to grandparents/relatives, look over family photos, ask questions

Create a DVD of your home video and pictures

Sams, Walmart, Walgreens, Shutterfly…all have great things to create with your own pictures

Digital picture frame loaded with family pictures

Fruit of the month club – they’ll remember your gift throughout the year!

Flower of the month club

Gift in their name to their alma mater

Appointment for a mammogram and a manicure

Memory Box – filled with pictures and notes

Charitable gift – sleeping bag, water, goat, chickens check out our web-links resource page

Ceramics - Visit the Ceramics Lounge in Round Rock

Art canvas covered with photo collage

Record and interview with Grandparents and share with the whole family

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