Friday, December 5, 2008

Relational Gift Fair 2008 - Ideas for Friends

Invitation to a Monday Night Football party make homemade pizzas

Movie passes with a babysitting coupon

Stamp a set of note cards

Homemade foot scrub / pedicure supplies

Homemade goodies

Make your own hot chocolate chai tea latte mix

Just add butter cookie batter mixes

Coffee shop gift card with a proposed date for after post-holiday coffee

Decorate small jars with office supplies

Crochet a scarf

Give a family gift: game night/movie night/ice cream treat collection

Adopt a family in need in your friend’s name

Make a “soundtrack” of music that you think sums up the life of a friend

Plan a monthly dinner with a group of friends

Buy 2 copies of a classic book and read it with a friend – check out half price books!

Give a coupon for helping a friend build that tool shed

Two coffee mugs and plans to share a special time together throughout the year

Coupon for a Meals-on-Wheels you will prepare and deliver

Yard work coupon for an elderly friend

Oil change for your friend who is a single parent

Bead your own jewelry with their favorite color combinations

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