Friday, December 5, 2008

Relational Gift Fair 2008 - Ideas for Older Children

Type up a collection of family favorite recipes – add a mixing bowl, mixer, spoons

Build/fill a hope chest for your daughter

Pass on a family heirloom; take the time to write up the history and meaning

Share a favorite book; include a special dedication message inside

Gather their sports team, dance recital or school pictures in one “through the years” album

Take a trip together instead of exchanging gifts; wrap up maps of the states you’ll visit

Buy a mini-Christmas tree and ornament organizer for all those ornaments they made in school over the years – you get the bonus of moving them out of your attic to your child’s apartment!

DVD/home video montage

A compilation CD of the your all-time favorite songs, or put them on a USB

Treasure box with childhood memories, school papers

Pass on a DVD of your favorite movie; add a popcorn popper, bowl, seasoning

Make a quilt out of their college t-shirt collection

Side by Side generational book, you as a child, me as a child through the years

Donation to a charity that is meaningful to both

Just add butter cookie batter mixes

A cooler filled with snacks and drinks

Jumper cables and a travel-sized first aid kit


Puzzle – there is nothing like a good old fashioned puzzle for bringing families together

Make your own hot chocolate or chai tea latte mix

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