Friday, December 5, 2008

Relational Gift Fair 2008 - Through the Year Coupon Book

As we were collecting ideas for this year's fair our Preschool Director Melissa Rodriguez sent in the following story:

When I was little and my dad was still in college he made a coupon book for me and both of my sisters. This particular year my parents had no extra money to buy Christmas gifts but wanted to give us all something special. So my dad made these coupon books on quarter sheets of paper. The book had a cover page that was personalize with art and different things that were specifically for each one of his daughters. Each coupon was perforated with our sewing machine so they could tear out easy and help make the book look authentic. The coupons contained something special that we would like. Examples: 1. This coupon is good for one pair of pants. Coupon Good January 1st – 31st. 2. This coupon is good for staying up one hour past your bedtime on a school night. Coupon good February 1st - 28th 3. This coupon is good for a one special day out with just you and both your Mom and Dad. This coupon is good March 1st – March 31st.
By doing this my dad was able to buy some things that we needed and some that we wanted and spread it out over the year between all three children. I thought it was so special and remember my dad spending several hours locked in his room making them. I knew how much he loved each one of us and really took the time to think about what was important to his children. I don’t remember if I cashed in on all the coupons but that Christmas, 20 years later, still sticks out in my mind as one of my favorite……and it was only paper…..but it was way more than that.

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